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Afterlife is a fully portable game. The game is a mix between an escape room and a murder mystery. A perfect piece for your party. Afterlife can be played in any room, office space, meeting room, or even in your own living room.
As a fully portable experience, we bring the Afterlife game to a room of your choice. Please note that if you require a venue from our suggested venue list, this must be arranged and agreed in advance with the venue.

See our list of suggested venues or just ask us and we'll be happy to help.

We can run the experience for groups between 5 - 35 participants.
In terms of testing your investigative abilities, we go all the way! We are pleased to say that we can now run Afterlife anywhere in the UK, as long as the region has 3G+ telephone and WiFi signal. We are also open to EU/EFTA region bookings now as well. Please contact us to ask about our rates outside of London.
Your Afterlife team will have 90 minutes to unlock the mystery. Please be ready on time and allow for a 120-minute experience overall.
Bookings can be made by clicking Here or Email Us.
Yes, we recommend 12 years minimum. While Afterlife doesn't use anything particularly adult in terms of language or other such naughtiness, it does have mature themes and ideas. Also the experience is designed to be a difficult one, so a younger child may struggle to enjoy the experience fully. Also, as Afterlife is designed to be played in environments where you are more likely to find adults (closed areas in pubs, private room party hires, workspaces), it's not designed for young children in mind.