Peter323, Design My Night

Booked as part of a fun day in the office. A good amount of tasks and props. Intriguing story! Recommended!

Agatha89, Design My Night

Excellent game! Story is set in the future and loads of fun. All the props add to it.

Rod, Trustpilot

Very fun game, challenging, and a good overall activity. I really like the fact that they could bring this to us, as opposed to having to organise travel for the whole office. Will definitely be booking their other games.

Declan, Trustpilot

"Great story great props! Would recommend for any escape room fans. I do like that the bring the game to your home, makes it seem more real. The game came with a games master, impressively in character all the time."

Jon, Trustpilot

"This is a thrilling game that comes to you. We played in my living room with my friends. It did add to the whole experience that we played it in my own home. The games master is very nice and helpful. Will recommend it’s an exciting 60 minutes."

Rose, Trustpilot

"We really enjoyed this. A great game to play with your friends. We played it in our local pub. Great story and props. Not to difficult."