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The year is 2039, and Dr Driver was on the verge of completing and activating the world’s first Nuclear Fusion reactor, The Afterlife Engine.
Offering unlimited clean energy, curing carbon emission overnight and leaving no nuclear waste, it was the dream of a cleaner, greener world becoming reality for all mankind. All tests were passed, and Dr Driver was ready to activate The Afterlife Engine at last.
But on the eve of this momentous event, Dr Driver became increasingly paranoid that someone was out to sabotage the launch and the Engine itself. He placed the Engine’s ignition case and systems under a complex lock and key system, The Driver Code, and installed a self-destruct system to avoid tampering. 
And then he was found dead.
Who killed Dr Driver, and why? Can The Driver Code be broken? With these answers lost, the world needs the brightest minds to save it. In 90 minutes, can you unravel the mystery, change the course of human history forever, and prevent the self-destruction of Dr Driver’s greatest achievement - and in doing so, save the world? 
Can You and your Team activate: THE AFTERLIFE ENGINE?


Afterlife is a uniquely-designed, portable, fun Escape Room/Murder Mystery experience. Where teams work closely together to investigate the death of Dr Driver, as well as facing the biggest challenge of their life, can your team locate and activate the world-class invention, The Afterlife Engine? Afterlife is a game suitable for any occasion, including, training, team building, corporate events, and celebrations alike.  

FOCUS: Team Building, Communication, Analysis, Examination and Decoding.

REQUIRES: 1 - An Area you control (with a table) / 2 - WiFi or 3G+ mobile signal access / 3 - A fully charged Smart-Phone




• A dedicated Games Master •

(who sets up and runs the experience at your location)

• Materials for the event •

• The time for you to crack the case •




• A space to run the game in •

(e.g a meeting room, office space, or a space that you have hired)

• A team between 5 - 35 people •

• Two tables, and 3g+ signal/wifi access •


We ignored decades of warnings. Mankind has failed to act fast enough and we need a miracle to save our planet from environmental disaster. But that miracle exists. The world’s last, best hope for survival. The year is 2039. Is your team up for the challenge?